Tranent mum’s disgust at dog mess outside home

Tranent mum’s disgust at dog mess outside home

A Tranent resident has expressed anger at discovering dog mess on the pavement right in front of her garden gate.

Tracy Gillan, 44, who works for East Lothian Council’s transport department as a business support assistant, found the mess outside her John Crescent home yesterday morning.

Born and raised in Tranent, she lives with her partner and 11-year-old daughter.

She told the Courier that dog poo has been a problem in the area for a number of years.

She said: “The dog mess around here is disgraceful and this isn’t the first time we have had an incident right outside our gate.

“Children play in the area. It’s just not acceptable.”

Tracy has been in contact with East Lothian Council to report the issue and is hopeful that more measures are taken to prevent it happening again.

She said: “It not really the council’s fault – it’s the dog owners that are responsible although we don’t see the street sweeper around here at all these days.

“We could do with more signs up as there are none here. CCTV would get them but it’s too expensive.

“I also wonder who actually is responsible for cleaning it up if the dog owners don’t because it is a health and safety hazard.”

An East Lothian Council spokesperson said: “Picking up after your dog isn’t just the polite and hygienic thing to do – it’s a legal requirement.

“Anyone who is found allowing their dog to foul in public spaces can be served with an £80 fixed penalty notice.

“Incidents of dog fouling can be reported through our website to help us catch irresponsible owners and ensure our public areas are free of dog fouling.

“This information, including the dog owner’s name and address or breed of dog if you know it, can help us to target patrols in the area and take action against individuals.”

“Our community wardens will take appropriate action using information that is reported to them.”

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