Tranent: Drivers frustrated as temporary traffic lights stuck on red

Tranent: Drivers frustrated as temporary traffic lights stuck on red

ROAD users have been left frustrated by temporary traffic lights which have been stuck at red along Elphinstone Road in Tranent.

A Facebook user took to social media to vent their frustration at the long queue of traffic which had formed at about noon today due to the broken lights.

The user said: “Any idea when the traffic lights on Elphinstone Road are going to be fixed?

“Been broken since Christmas holidays and have had temporary three way traffic lights there for days now causing delays.”

The user said that there didn’t appear to be anyone working at the traffic lights with many people commenting to say they had gotten stuck at red.

One user thanked a member of the public who helped direct traffic: “Lights stuck on red, but well done to the lady who was out directing the traffic!”

With another responding: “I only ended up a minute late for the school run thankfully to the lady! Otherwise I wouldn’t have waited all day!”

Another vented their frustration after further delays due to the closure on Ormiston road for resurfacing works.

They said: “It’s especially bad with the extra traffic due to the Ormiston to Tranent road being shut!”

Scottish Power have since been on site trying to fix the issue and have treated the problem as an “emergency”.

An East Lothian Council Spokesperson said: “The original traffic lights are not working due to an electrical fault which Scottish Power are working to rectify.

“This has been classed as an emergency with due priority being given to the repair.

“Temporary traffic lights are supplied by an external contractor and contact details are usually available to report any faults but people can also report problems online at the council’s website or to the 24/7 Contact Centre on 01875 612818.”

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