Prestonpans: Your chance to rewrite history with new tabletop war game

Prestonpans: Your chance to rewrite history with new tabletop war game

A new interactive tabletop war game from the Battle of Prestonpans 1745 Heritage Trust will offer history buffs the chance to rewrite the course of history.

The trust’s museum, based in Prestonpans Town Hall, features a scale model of the battlefield, with miniature figures that represent the forces of the Jacobites and Redcoats.

Now, an online event will allow members of the public to influence the Jacobite army’s movements in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Prestonpans.

Historically, the Jacobites then marched to Derby before retreating, but now the public can change this action by participating in online polls on the museum’s Facebook page and making decisions that could avert the ultimate defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s cause.

Arran Johnston, curator of the Battle of Prestonpans Jacobite Museum and game master, spoke of how the event would be a great way to look back at the decisions made in local history and see how different choices could have affected the eventual outcome.

Mr Johnston outlined how the online event would work.

He said: “The main objective is to have fun: it is an open-ended game, with countless possible events and actions, but it also encourages us to think about the alternative courses of action which the protagonists of history might have taken.

“Crucially, the game will remind us that no outcome is inevitable, and all decisions (including the decision not to do something) have consequences.

“Strategic decisions for the Jacobite army – which armies march where – are taken by you.

“On our Facebook page, a briefing and a poll will be posted whenever a decision needs to be made.

“The campaign begins on September 21, 1745 (January 21, 2023), immediately after the Battle of Prestonpans.

“The Jacobites will be in possession of the city of Edinburgh but not the castle, and will need to decide what to do next.

“They might want to consolidate and expand their control in Scotland but, the longer they wait, the more troops build up in England to counter them.

“After the game’s conclusion, we’ll be able to look back and see where the critical turning points were and consider them in relation to what happened historically.

“It will be interesting to see what happens.”

Full details of the game can be found by visiting battle of

The event launched on the museum’s Facebook page on Saturday.

Those can participate by visiting the page here:

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