North Berwick hotel to create ‘grand sense of arrival’ with new lights

North Berwick hotel to create ‘grand sense of arrival’ with new lights

BOSSES at East Lothian’s biggest hotel want to create a “sense of grand arrival” for guests through major new external lighting.

The proposed illuminations at Marine North Berwick would be installed by Elektra, a London-based company, which hope to “highlight the ornate form materiality” of the hotel’s “historic facade”.

Fittings would be installed on each side of the building, with altering modes that would create different ‘scenes’ at varying points throughout the day.

A planning application submitted to East Lothian Council says: “A sense of grand arrival will be achieved by illuminating the main entrance to the hotel.

“This is also important as a means to guide the guests inside.

“The lighting to the modern extension will be transformed to provide a warm and inviting feel that is in keeping with the traditional façade lighting.”

If the scheme is approved, narrow beam uplights will be installed to enhance the “verticality of the building at its protruding elements” while other lights will be placed strategically to highlight the architecture of the hotel.

North Berwick Community Council discussed the application at its January meeting with Kathryn Smith, group secretary, describing them as “extensive”.

Bill McNair, community councillor, added:”I think the lighting will be orchestrated as per a theme they wanted to probably do at the time, a flexibility with what they are wanting to do with the building. Highlighting the building in many respects.”

Kenny Miller, group chairman, then asked: “If it is good enough for Edinburgh Castle, is it good enough for the Marine Hotel?”

Community councillors decided not to object to the proposals.

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