Newhailes Haunted House Tour

Newhailes Haunted House Tour

Dare you join us for an evening tour of Newhailes House, discovering all the eerie stories that have been written and also witnessed.

Join us on the spine-chilling haunted tour of Newhailes House, built in 1686, this eerily majestic Palladian mansion house was home to the wealthy, influential and often infamous Dalrymple family for nearly 300 years. Newhailes remains frozen in time, much like a time capsule, everything you will see in the house belonged to the family. Allow us to take you back through hundreds of years of incredible history as you’re guided through this atmospheric and nostalgic yet ominous and macabre 17th century mansion house.

We’ll divulge dark tales of the death, murder, scandal and heart ache that plagued the Dalrymple family for centuries, with many tragedies happening right within these very walls. Such was the extent of the misfortune that the house was and is still to this day regarded as cursed.

With all these echo’s from the past is it any wonder that Newhailes is said to be paranormally active and haunted. With frequent accounts of ghostly apparitions, the feeling of being watched or touched, poltergeist activity and strange unexplainable occurrences, chances are you’ll experience something for yourself, a former inhabitant maybe, who has never truly left….

Please note that this is a guided tour, there will be no surprises or scare tactics.

Not recommended for children under 16 years of age.

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