New community notice board unveiled in Wallyford

New community notice board unveiled in Wallyford

The noticeboard has been installed by the community council in partnership with Musselburgh Area Partnership and Wallyford Day-to-day Store.

Wallyford Community Noticeboard will contain information on what is happening in Wallyford with, groups, clubs, churches and events.

Suzanne Laidlaw, administrator for the Notice Board, advised that with the board being located at the Wallyford Day-To Day Store main entrance door and with the post office being located within the shop, the board will have a massive amount of viewings on a daily basis and anyone can make contact to have an event advertised on the board.

Wallyford Community Council supported the proposal and Musselburgh Area Partnership also supported the proposal and financed the board for £420.

To enquire about putting a notice on the board you can email [email protected] or leave a poster or written information within the Day-To Day Store which the administrator will retrieve.

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