MARCHINGTON: East Staffordshire Parish #3 of 38

MARCHINGTON: East Staffordshire Parish #3 of 38


Marchington is a small village in East Staffordshire, lying between the towns of Burton upon Trent and Uttoxeter. The parish includes several hamlets, the most notable being Marchington Woodlands

The name Marchington is derived from “Maercham”, meaning a settlement, where “smallage” or “wild celery” grew by meadow land beside the river

The main village has a small community-run shop, a school, a church and two pubs as well as loads of historic buildings, including the awesome Marchington Hall

The Nottingham to Crewe railway line runs through the village and there used to be a railway station here which closed in 1958. The nearest railway station now is Uttoxeter

However there’s much more to Marchington parish than just the main village. For starters there’s Smallwood Manor which covers a vast expanse of land to the West

In the hamlet of Moreton to the village’s East, there’s a prison – HMP Dovegate – which might explain Marchington’s relatively low crime rate!

But by far the most interesting place in Marchington parish, for us at least, lies off the B5017 road towards Draycott in the Clay. You’ll want to watch this one to the very end!

This is Marchington folks, another lovely Staffordshire village


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Hodge Lane Manor/Marchington Hall:

Marchington Hall:

Chawners Almshouses:

Dog and Partridge:

Village Shop:

Smallwood Manor/Cove Healthcare:

Marchington Barracks:



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  • blahblahblah
    23/02/2023 at 3:14 PM Reply

    Nice! Pin?

  • Penny Lane
    23/02/2023 at 4:05 PM Reply

    Hi Andy and Nikki.
    What another interesting village.
    Love the bus stop,very thoughtful of the villagers put cushions on bench, nice comfy while waiting on bus to arrive.
    Also nice to see the traditional Tudor style houses..
    Some nice bits of history also.
    Good to see the villagers got togeather keep shop open, very handy for ppl, to have on.their doorstep..
    As some villagers have to travel, to next one…
    Enjoyed this one ever so much.
    Thanks both for vlog.

  • Paulf0ley
    24/02/2023 at 12:12 PM Reply

    Every village should have a train station init

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