Haddington: Smart car driver ‘fails drug test’ amid half dozen charges

Haddington: Smart car driver ‘fails drug test’ amid half dozen charges

A HADDINGTON motorist has been arrested and charged for numerous alleged offences after being stopped by road police in the town on Sunday.

The 21-year-old, who was allegedly already wanted on two warrants, was stopped by officers, who allegedly found that they had no insurance, MOT or licence on their red Smart car.

The incident took place on Sunday evening at about 5.40pm on Victoria Park.

Additionally, the car was allegedly found to have four bald tyres, an insecure battery and almost the entirety of the exhaust was allegedly missing from the vehicle.

Officers then conducted a drug wipe and allegedly found that the driver was also under the influence of cannabis.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said on Twitter: “Smart car driver wasn’t smart enough for Dunbar Road Police.

“The driver was stopped in Haddington and found to have no licence, no insurance, no MOT, four bald tyres, insecure battery, almost entire exhaust was missing, provided a positive drug wipe for cannabis, wanted on two warrants.”

The man was arrested and charged in connection with road traffic offences and will attend court at a later date.

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