Haddington: Letham Mains pupils to compete for the Cala Cup

Haddington: Letham Mains pupils to compete for the Cala Cup

SCHOOLCHILDREN will compete for a new trophy during their annual sports day.

Youngsters at Letham Mains Primary School in Haddington will contest the Cala Cup for the first time this year.

The school, which opened in February 2021, became the first in East Lothian to be funded entirely through developer contributions and forms part of the major investment programme in the west of the town.

The Cala Cup will be presented to the captain of the house that secures the highest number of points at the annual sports day.

The trophy was unveiled during a visit by Andrew Bain and Robbie Dykes, representing his father Robert, who were previously owners of the site, which will eventually feature more than 800 homes, as well as the school.

Bruce Murray, headteacher, said: “Without the wider development, we wouldn’t have this school, so it’s been a great opportunity to show Andrew, Robbie and Cala around the school.

“The facilities we have are state of the art and they are providing a motivating and engaging learning environment.

“We have wonderful pupils and caring staff.

“We were also very grateful to accept the Cala Cup.

“We hope this marks the beginning of a new tradition and can add further meaning to our school sports days.”

The Letham Mains masterplan has also delivered a civic square and linear park as well as a multi-purpose sports pavilion for the school and surrounding community which is currently being built.

As part of the plans, a new road, linking Pencaitland Road with West Road, will open early this year.

Mr Bain, former landowner of the school site, said: “To see the land transform into a hub for education is very rewarding.

“It was a wonderful experience finally being able to see the school up-and-running.”

Robbie Dykes, son of former landowner Robert Dykes, also enjoyed the visit.

He said: “For pupils and teachers to take time out of their day to show us this wonderful school was a great occasion. It was excellent to have seen the enthusiasm of the staff and pupils for their new school.

“We are delighted to have played a small part in this fantastic project.”

Cala also contributed to a fund which brought an art installation to the civic square, as well as contributing bike and footpath connections between the site and the existing town, which has seen the construction of a number of pedestrian bridges to create safe routes for pupils and other pedestrians in the area.

Derek Lawson, strategic land director at Cala Homes (East), said: “It has been a privilege to be involved from the initial design to site completion, lasting almost 20 years in duration.

“A Scheduled Monument, water course and protected species, have influenced the original site design.

“With a dedicated new primary school, and community pitch and changing facilities for the wider community plus footways linking in the heart of Haddington, there is a great deal of value that this development will bring to the wider area.”

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