County store sells out of Prime in 20 minutes as craze continues

County store sells out of Prime in 20 minutes as craze continues

Queues were this afternoon lined around a county shop for the second time in a week as a stock of the trendy energy drink Prime sold out in minutes.

Pinkie Farm convenience store in Musselburgh is able to stock the in-demand product due to being supplied by SPAR, one of the few retailers UK-wide able to get stocks of the drink.

At lunch-time today, the store announced on its Facebook that a small batch had arrived, welcoming a wave of customers young and old into the store.

East Lothian Courier: Some lucky customers who got their hands on PrimeSome lucky customers who got their hands on Prime

Only 360 bottles were available, selling out in about 20 minutes and leaving many disappointed to not get their hands on the drink.

Last Friday the store sold 1,000 bottles in 30 minutes and after today it appears there has been no drop in demand.

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The drink, which was created by popular YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI and comes in five flavours, has been selling out quickly in supermarkets across the UK as supply demand remains high.

East Lothian Courier: Some happy customers after getting their hands on the drink

Speaking to the Courier after the queues had calmed down, Dan Brown, managing director of the store, reflected on another crazy day in the shop.

He said: “It’s certainly challenging. It’s in high demand so we get a lot of customers through the door in one short space of time so we are just trying to make sure everyone gets it fairly.

“I have to take my hat off to SPAR Scotland because they are the ones that are managing to source it for us.

“I feel as long as we are stocking it fairly and selling it at the right price – there are a lot of retailers selling it way above the recommended price – and that makes it more likely that we are going to get more stock.

“We are only charging £2 a bottle, so they are not necessarily large sales, it’s just the high volume of sales – we are not one of the stores that are trying to charge ridiculous prices and make stupid profits of it.”

East Lothian Courier: The queues in Pinkie Farm convenience store weaved around the shop

Even though this has now happened twice in less than a week, Dan still couldn’t quite believe how crazy the demand has been.

He said: “We recognise there’s a demand – don’t necessarily understand the demand all the time for some of these things – but at the end of the day we are trying to give the customer what they want.

“You do tend to find that there’s a craze that comes along every year or so – it’s a lot busier than we would’ve imagined and it kind of reminds me of some of the Covid rushes we had for toilet roll.”

Dan stressed that even though it can hectic when droves of customers come into the shop for one golden-ticket item it’s part of what makes the job more enjoyable.

He said: “At the end of the day our job is to give the customers what they want and with something like Prime there is a lot of people desperate for it and very few places they can buy it from.

“So seeing some of the customers being so happy that they can buy it – it’s good to be able to give the customers what they want.

Dan also praised all his staff making these days be so successful and thanked them for all their hard work and dedication.

He said: “I have to always give my staff a lot of credit, it does put them under a lot of pressure with a lot of people trying to jump the queue and lots of customers to try and serve.

“The reality is we don’t have enough for every customer so we have to let some down unfortunately.

“That’s not an easy thing for people to deal with and I think it’s easy to forget how much a till member of staff goes through sometimes.

“They have really dealt with it well and I’m quite proud that as a store we’ve been able to do it as fairly as possible.”

When posed with the question of when Prime would be returning to his store he said he didn’t know when or how much would be coming in next.

But he said that all updates would be available on their Facebook page – so those eager to grab a bottle should check there regularly.

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