Colin Beattie MSP column: Scotland will be back, Europe

Colin Beattie MSP column: Scotland will be back, Europe

Tuesday marked three years since the UK’s disastrous exit from the European Union.

The Vote Leave campaign made some enticing promises: higher wages, a stronger Union, and promised that Britain would ‘take back control’. Instead, we are in the midst of a Tory-made cost-of-living crisis, with families across Scotland and the UK being forced to choose between heating or eating. A record number of people across the UK are visiting foodbanks, regularly including higher numbers of working people. Scottish businesses are now paying the financial burden of import and export costs as a result of being withdrawn from the Single Market – a cost that has also been placed onto the consumer.

We have seen workers take industrial action, with the main issues cited being pay and conditions. In the same breath, the Tories announce plans to introduce anti-strike legislation attacking the rights of working people and throw thousands of EU laws into the Brexit bonfire which protects workers’ rights.

The Union is by no means stronger. In fact, support for Scottish independence has grown since Brexit, with a new poll by Find Out Now finding that 55 per cent of Scottish voters would back pro-independence parties at the next General Election.

Westminster’s attempts to ‘take back control’ included plans to send refugees for processing in Rwanda, a disgraceful policy devoid of sense and humanity.

Brexit has been devastating for Scotland, its people, its communities and its businesses. This week, I see no reason to celebrate leaving the EU. Scotland did not want this but was forced to endure Brexit against its will.

With the Tories and Labour united in their pro-Brexit stance, only the SNP are willing to stand up for Scotland’s rightful place in the EU. There should be no doubt: the longer Westminster blocks the people of Scotland’s right to choose their future, the stronger the case for independence will become. Scotland will be back, Europe, keep the light on.

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