Active East Lothian | Spotlight Volunteer Award Win for Dunbar Primary School’s Future Leaders

Spotlight Volunteer Award Win for Dunbar Primary School’s Future Leaders

Congratulations Anya Howat, Freya Mackenzie, Millie Hainey & Isla Chisholm on your award

Above is Gareth Hill (Primary Active Schools), P7 Leaders, Karly Conn (DGS Pupil & Volunteer Spotlight Award winner), Scott Marnoch (DGS Active Schools) 



The 4 P7 girls at DPS have been outstanding leaders/coaches all year. At start of year they engaged in the Active Schools Future Leaders Programme and wanted to take a Girls Fitness club for their school. They did a training course with Active schools and Platinum Performance Centre owner/manager Brad Robertson on how to deliver sessions and were given an 8 week resource.


They have been supported by a S6 pupil from Dunbar and staff member at DPS. The girls plan their own sessions as they are confident and want to do it themselves and arrive at 7:40 every Wednesday morning when restrictions have allowed them to do indoor classes.


The class starts at 8:05 so for them to get up every Wednesday early and come in shows amazing dedication. The girls have a core group of primary pupils that attend of 30. However since the club has started nearly 50 girls have attended throughout. This means that nearly 20% of girls from Dunbar PS have attended the club.


The girls have made the sessions fun and enjoyable. They realise that the experience they are giving the pupils they are leading is crucial and really have bought into the fact if someone has a positive experience they are more than likely to keep coming back. Some of the P6 pupils are already wanting to take over the club next year and that is down to the P7’s that have inspired them. We talk of inspiring a generation in sport and physical activity and the girls have done this.


They set a challenge that if participants attended 5 out of 7 sessions they got to go to the Platinum Performance Centre Gym as a reward. The coaches organised the reward with Brad who is the owner/manager. Helen Gillanders from DPS and Paul Sutherland from DGS attended the session at PPC and couldn’t believe how many girls achieved the reward, 35 in total. This is all down to the P7 leaders, without them the club wouldn’t be possible and success certainly wouldn’t have been possible.


Amazing work girls, well done!


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